Cast of Young Frankenstein Announced

We are happy to announce the cast of this fall's production of Young Frankenstein! The cast of 28 is led by Seniors Ben Zevallos (Frederick Frankenstein), Hazel Brady (Inga), William Blondell (Igor), and Sarina Wasserman (Elizabeth).  Joining them in this madcap romp are Lily Linz (Frau Blucher), Cai Norton (The Monster), and Tyler Dahneke as Inspector Kemp.  Joined by an ensemble of talented singers and dancers, the cast and the production is sure to keep you on the edge of your seats with excitement, keep you rolling in the hay with laughter, and thrill you right to the very end.

Ben Zevallos as Frederick Frankenstein
William Blondell as Igor
Hazel Brady as Inga
Lily Linz as Frau Blücher
Sarina Wasserman as Elizabeth Benning
Tyler Dahneke as Inspector Kemp
Drewes McFarling as Victor Frankenstein/The Hermit
Cai Norton as The Monster
Dan Allen as Ziggy

And featuring the distinguished ensemble of Young Frankenstein: 

Zoe Padilla, Penny O’Mahoney, Leah Martin, Bella Holland, Ben Kreitzer, Peter Robbins, Sophia Hurtado, Amanda Weymouth, Elvis Pagano, Logan Flemming, Kieran Meaney, Liliana Johnston, Alex Gaytan, Cole Hanson, Elias Lopez Mora, Miranda Ortega, Te’Marie Lionello, Gianna Gonzalez