Pinocchio, Fall 2009

An old man, in an old, over-stuffed armchair, one lonely light illuminating him from above, a candle on a small table next to him. He dictates to a young girl, seated on a footstool next to him.  The old man is asleep.  The girl waits patiently. The old man snores.  She gets up quietly to leave.  The old man begins to speak, and the young girl sighs and sits.  You realize this has gone on forever.

So let us begin in this way: an old man dreaming, dreaming of his days as the most famous puppet in the world.

Pinocchio is an original creation, written by Otto Layman, with Christina McCarthy and Lise Lange, with original music composed for the play by John Douglas.  It features puppets of all sizes and kinds, marionettes, and shadow puppets, human-sized puppets, and draws heavily on Cirque influences.

Pinocchio played November 13 through the 21st at the SBHS Theatre with a cast of 35, and a live band of five musicians.

We are in the process of marketing this version of Pinocchio for future performances.