Auditions for Pippin to be held August 31

Auditions for SBHS Theatre's Fall Production of Pippin will be held at Santa Barbara High School Theatre on August 31 at 3:30pm with callbacks on September 1. Please come to the audition prepared to sing thirty-two bars a cappella from a musical. There will be no accompanist for the audition. However, please provide piano sheet music for the musical director. One week prior to the audition, a sign up sheet will be posted on the callboard outside the theatre office. Select a vocal audition time slot, fill out an audition form, and bring it to your audition. The cast list will be posted, on the callboard Wednesday, September 2.

Please note that school begins August 26, 2015 -- we will hold auditions the first Monday of the School Year. 

Audition Dates: 
August 31, 2015 - Vocal Audition 3:30pm
September 1 - Callbacks, Time TBA

Rehearsal: 9 Weeks, September 3 until November 5, 2015
Rehearsal Times: Monday - Friday, (2 - 3 hour block between 3:00 and 6:45pm)
Tech Weekend: October 31 and November 1 (Mandatory Attendance)
Tech Week Dates: November 2 - November 4 (Extended Rehearsal Times) 
Mandatory Parent Meeting: TBA

We highly recommend spending this summer learning basic circus skills, notably juggling. Any unique performance skills you can bring to the production are highly valued. 

Please arrive 10 minutes before your audition time.

If you have questions prior to the audition feel free to see Otto Layman in the theatre office or email him at You may also contact the production Stage Manager, Beau Lettieri at 


Please list any dates/times that may conflict with daily rehearsals (between 3 and 6:45pm) so that in the event you are cast we can attempt to accommodate your conflict(s). Conflicts include all lessons, appointments, trips, and religious holidays. Please note that IF you are cast, your listed conflicts will be only considered, as we can not tailor daily schedules around actors on a regular basis. Any conflicts not listed will not be considered, and missing rehearsal as a result of an uncleared conflict can result in being cut from numbers, scenes, and in some cases the entire show. If you are cast, we expect this production to be your first extracurricular priority. 

Our casting choices are influenced greatly by availability. We ask that ANY SBCC classes that you take in the fall begin at or after 7pm. The latest we will generally rehearse is 6:45pm. When selecting SBCC fall courses please choose classes that begin at or after 7pm to open up more casting opportunities. This also applies for other extra curricular activities including vocal lessons, dance classes, college counselor appointments, and other potential conflicts.

About Pippin:
Pippin, originally produced in 1972, has been reworked for the twenty-first century in its recent 2013 Broadway Revival. Now, this circus-inspired production of Pippin features an acrobatic troupe of performers, led by the charismatic Leading Player. The ensemble cast tells the story of Pippin, a young prince who longs to find passion and adventure in his life, only to find dissatisfaction in everything he tries. To prove his loyalty to his distracted father, King Charles, Pippin goes to war only to discover the harsh reality of war. After the Leading Player convinces Pippin to fight tyranny, Pippin kills his father Charles and takes over the throne. Finding dissatisfaction in being king, Pippin begs the Leading Player to bring his father back to life, and she does as requested. In the second Act, Pippin falls in love with Catherine, a widow with a young son, Theo, as Pippin struggles to decide whether he should settle down and pursue a peaceful life or continue to make magic with the dazzling troupe of performers. Pippin provides an excellent setting for a strong, versatile, and creative ensemble who take on a wide range of roles including circus performers, soldiers, nobility and even farm animals!

Cast Size: 20 - 25


The Leading Player - The ultimate ring leader of the troupe which tells Pippin’s story.
Pippin - Our story's young and confused protagonist.
Charlemagne - Pippin's demanding father.
Fastrada - Pippin's conniving stepmother.
Lewis - Pippin’s “better” brother.
Berthe - Pippin's saucy grandmother. A brassy broad full of wisdom, grace, and sass.
Catherine - A widow and mother, as well as Pippin’s love interest in Act 2. 
Theo - Catherine’s Young Son
The Players - The theatre troupe that tells the story of Pippin. The players portray a wide rang of roles from nobility and soldiers to farm animals.